BitQuant Ecosystem: Community Challenges, Achievements and Benefits

At BitQuant, we’re aiming to build a quality ecosystem for the daily active participation of our users. With this aim in mind, we’ve designed several key game-like features and peculiarities of the platform that would make it very interesting, interactive and rewarding for the community members to participate.

In this week’s article about the BitQuant platform, we’re going to tell you about the specifics of how the Benefit Cards are going to work, how you’ll be able to earn them and what benefits you will get.

In essence, the Benefit Cards are e purchasable rights of getting certain benefits for users of the platform. They have limited validity in time, different price in BQT and require different BQT/days staking, as well as different nature of benefits which they grant.

Thanks to the cards only being available for purchase with BQT, they will play an important role in stimulating demand for the token, while providing key benefits to the community members and traders of the exchange.

Initially, we’re planning to release four main types of cards:

  • Investor Cards
  • Airdrop Cards
  • Transmining Cards
  • Pro-Trading Cards

Investor Cards will provide benefits to the long-term holders, making it much easier to sit through the wide fluctuations in price.

Airdrop Cards will maximize the rewards for active participants of token distribution rounds and bounty programs - something everybody loves.

Transmining Cards will be a must-have for any high-frequency traders, as these will increase the rewards from transmining and therefore, reduce the net trading commission by a substantial amount.

Pro-Trading Cards are a bit of a secret for now, however, one thing we can tell you for sure: regular daytraders will absolutely love this one :).

Challenges - Community Hub of BitQuant

BitQuant Ecosystem Challenges Tab is the main tab for every supporter of BitQuant. Their users will find their current BQT balances along with all possible ways of getting benefits for their holdings in the forms of - airdrops, trading competitions, Nova IEO participation, HeadStart voting competitions, and Cards.

Every user will have a BQT balance shown on the tab which they will use up to the needs. Any challenge will require some sort of manipulations with BQT token - freeze a certain amount of BQT to claim BQT/days, confirm the total amount of BQT holdings, spend some amount of BQT.

Apart from plenty of other features, you will be able to monitor the statuses of your cards in this tab, as well as calculate the exact benefits you will get for purchasing more of them.

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