Bitquant: Future Developments

For the past two months, we’ve been hard at work developing the Trading engine, backend infrastructure and lots of other things, as outlined in our Lightpaper. Meanwhile, we’ve also partnered with some development teams, on-boarded a new Community Manager and designed a new round of distribution for the BQT token.

Below, we dive into details of some of the next developments at BitQuant - you will see what is to come, and how you can participate!

First off, we’re developing a Community Bot - something that no other exchange has, so this is one of our creative innovations. With this bot, we’ll be providing a unique set of user experience features to our loyal supporters:

BitQuant crypto exchange new updates on a community bot

  • User Status Check. Through this feature, you will be able to monitor the status of your account, and all of the associated properties. Thus, users will never have a problem with registering the account, will be able to check, in real-time, the status of their KYC, referrals that they brought in, and other features, which BitQuant is developing.

  • BQT Balance. Any user will be able to check the status of their BQT holdings without the need to turn on the laptop and log into their account. As such, you will see the real-time price of the BQT token, the USD value of your BQT holdings, and link them to your future BitQuant account. 

  • Ecosystem Guide. This will make every user aware of all the complex features of the upcoming Exchange platform, teaching them to navigate and thrive in the BitQuant Ecosystem. It will include sections like Frequently Asked Questions, and an educational portal to guide you along the way.

  • Official Support Chat. Lots of exchanges nowadays have to battle with the ever-increasing number of scammers, writing them in private messages on Telegram and pretending to be some kind of “support staff” or “group admin”, seeking to phish out sensitive information and ultimately - steal funds from you. With this section, you will have a central place to go to when seeking customer support. Everybody will know that it’s there, and it’s the only authorized, official place to speak with our Customer Support staff.

  • Feedback Form. For us, your feedback is always very crucial, which is why receiving it directly is the best way. With the release of Community Bot, you’ll be able to provide valuable thoughts on our new ideas, suggest yours and contribute to the development of the ecosystem by being a positive, creative community member. Furthermore, community vote (for new listings, and other things) will also be performed automatically through this form.

BitQuant crypto exchange community bot addition

In addition to these features, we are gladly announcing a new round of distribution of our BQT tokens - they will be seeded out to the community members who have been most active over the past two weeks in our Telegram Chat.

Many of our next Distribution Rounds will also be held post-factum, so you might want to stay active not to miss out on them!

Last but not least - welcome the most recent addition to our Community Management team - Liam. Liam is a professional, dedicated to his role of keeping everybody engaged, happy and eager to learn more. We’re glad to have him on our team, and you can reach out to Liam on telegram at @LIAM54BAXTER56.

That will be it for this week’s updates, and we’re looking forward to more awesome things in the future!