Choppiness Index: a Volatility Indicator

We're excited to present to you a brand-new indicator, developed in close cooperation with our friends at CryptoCue.

Volatility indicators help us identify if the market is trending or not. The indicator we want to expose today is the Choppiness Index (CHOP).

Choppiness Index is an indicator designed to determine if the market is trading sideways. It is a metric to define the market trendiness only. A higher value means more choppiness, while lower values indicate directional trending.

Australian E.W. Dreiss created the choppiness index.


100 * LOG10( SUM(ATR(1), n) / ( MaxHi(n) - MinLo(n) ) ) / LOG10(n)

n = User defined period length.
LOG10(n) = base-10 LOG of n
ATR(1) = Average True Range (Period of 1)
SUM(ATR(1), n) = Sum of the Average True Range over past n bars 
MaxHi(n) = The highest high over past n bars


Let’s combine the choppiness index with the ema crossover strategy we created before. We’ll use the moving averages to determine the trend (7 crosses over 25) and then verify if we are trending (choppiness index below 45).


if ema 7 is above ema25 AND candle before 
was below AND CHOP < 45 AND volume > 10 units 
AND candle open > 130 units 
(units will be in your base pair) then BUY

if ema 7 is below ema25 AND candle 
before was above OR Profit = 15% OR 
Profit = -10 then SELL

How does it look like


As can be seen from backtesting, the strategy works very well. Feel free to backtest and modify the strategy to obtain better results!